Units of the Ukrainian army shot of ATGM
suppressed firing point, where, presumably, there was a Russian sniper
mercenaries in the Donbas.

Posted by volunteer with the Ukrainian army Andrei
Rymaruk on his page in social network Facebook.

He noted that the Ukrainian army soldiers are tired of the sniper
who hid in the building and conducted aim fire on the Ukrainian military.

It was decided to strike a blow fire from
ATGM of the building with the aim of eliminating the Russian mercenary.

“The moment when you tired of Russian
the sniper disappeared into the building.
The team of the Foundation “come Back alive” invented
easy to use, practical and mobile device monitoring. As
see, it’s at least a little, but it gives our military an advantage over
, – he said.

Additional details of the special operation volunteer
promised to publish later. The exact date and place of the battle is not yet solved.

Earlier, we reported that Ukrainian special forces have eliminated one of the rebel leaders.

Militants on social networks recognized heavy losses.

Mark Voroshilov