Yesterday, June 15, it became known that the Russian foreign Ministry has sent to Kiev
an official note of protest from behind the billboards and muralov, who was placed
near the Russian dipuchrezhdeny the Day of Russia. It is noted that placed
symbolics is violating the peace of the Russian diplomats.

It is reported Диалог.UA citing a foreign Ministry statement.

It is emphasized that the SBU posted a few characteristic
posters, billboards, and muralov from diplomatic buildings of Russia in Lviv
Kharkov and Odessa.

It is also reported that in Kiev on June 12 in the building
The Consulate General of the Russian Federation was directed light rays from the offensive

It is noted, the Russian foreign Ministry accused the Ukrainian side is
that supposedly ensures the normal functioning of the dipuchrezhdeny of the Russian Federation.

Russia hopes that Kiev will take the necessary measures to
Russian diplomats did not feel the pressure.

Earlier it was reported that the SBU is original potrollila the Russian authorities on the Day of Russia, congratulating the Kremlin on the occasion and published on his
page in the social network picture of the mural with the emblem of the Ukrainian counterintelligence
Russian diplomatic institutions in Kyiv.

Prior to this it was noted that SBU took up information
grouping of Russia “Sapphire”. It is noted that the office in absentia
reported about suspicion at once three members of the Sapphire, which is closely
collaborated with the aggressor.

We will remind, after reaction of Russia to the year
presidency Zelensky, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry responded. It was assured that
Russia continues the disinformation campaign against Kiev.

Vadim Golovko