In July, the United States intends to sharply increase oil production. Shale industry, which tried to kill Russia quickly revived. The Americans began to print the temporarily abandoned wells and to prepare for the launch.

Recent developments with oil commented in Facebook Russian blogger and energy expert El Murid.

“The established price in the region of $ 40 is satisfied, and the limitations to production imposed by OPEC cartel and joined him Russia removed “overhang” over the market”, – wrote the blogger.

He recalled how in the beginning of the year Russia broke the deal, OPEC, to “kill” the shale industry in the United States. This decision plunged the world oil markets in one of the most severe crises, the price of “black gold” rushed to zero and below. In the end, the Kremlin was forced to sign the deal, but in the worst conditions.

In the end, “oil war” with Russia, according to Murid, the United States was in an even better position. Due to the independence from OPEC country has the ability to use the mistakes of competitors.

Russian energy this war was severely undermined.

“They (the Russian authorities – ed.) systematically driven the oil and gas industry in a disaster. So the result is quite obvious – we have lost a complex diversified economy, and the output will inevitably lose and the oil and gas industry,” noted a Russian blogger.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that the economist Okhrimenko told about the consequences of the collapse in oil prices: “Putin’s Russia follows the history of the USSR”.

We also wrote that oil exports from Russia fell 3 times: the media found out, how many billions lost Moscow for 5 months.

Tatiana Shevchenko