Journalist and the representative of the Donetsk Trilateral contact group Denis Kazansky refuted the biggest myth of Moscow on the Minsk agreements.

With the statement he made on a talk show “Right to rule” on the TV channel “1+1”. A fragment was published in Facebook.

The journalist denied the allegations that, according to the “Minsk”, Ukraine should prescribe in the Constitution the special status of Donbass. Moscow on this point emphasizes.

“That’s a lie… There is a clause stating that Ukraine plans to amend the Constitution on the principles of decentralization. And there is this wording: “taking into account the characteristics of individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions,” – said Kazansky.

He said that each party understands the item on its own. For the Russian Federation is the constitutional special status ORDO.

“And the Ukrainian side says: “Sorry, but decentralization is the incorporation of features of all, she held”, – said the representative of Donetsk in the pipeline.

He noted that no plan to end the conflict Kiev can not make, since it is not an internal conflict.

“It is a conflict of Ukraine with Russia. And the only possible solution to this conflict – Russia’s withdrawal from this territory”, – he said.

The journalist announced that he wants to Russia from Ukraine. The intention of his words very clear.

“Her condition is very clear. They say we will give the area in exchange for part of your sovereignty. Federalization is in a veiled form, the autonomy, that is, the legalization of these “L/DNR”, the rejection of the European Union and NATO. These conditions are many times voiced by the Russian side. It’s no secret, they do not hide,” – said Kazansky.

He said that even with the consent of the authorities of the Ukrainian people, such a step will not go.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that Sands threatened Kiev’s offer to change Minsk: “it is not like Moscow.”

We also wrote that the Kazan explained, will force Ukraine to expel Russia from the Donbass and will disappear when “L/DNR”.

Elena Ostapets