Increased control on the Russian-Chinese border to prevent a flood of infected

CGTN / YouTube

Almost completely stopping the transmission of the virus within the country, China slowly began to ease the restrictions on movement, to restart the economy, but then there are fears that the increase in the number of imported cases of infection could trigger a second wave COVID-19.

In recent days, increased control on the Russian-Chinese border to prevent a flood of the infected, according to Bloomberg.

According to the Agency, China organized in the North of the country round-the-clock patrols after a rise of cases COVID-19 among the Chinese citizens who arrived from Russia.

Media reported earlier that the coronavirus diagnosed in almost 250 Chinese nationals returning to China from Russia. Most of them traveled from Moscow to Vladivostok by plane, and then crossed the border by car.

According to Reuters, on Sunday in mainland China, there were 108 new HIV diagnoses Covid, which was the highest daily increase since March 5. The day before they were 99. 90% of new cases associated with returning from abroad.

According to the operational headquarters on the Russian side, on April 12 in the far Eastern Federal district there have been 159 cases Covid-19, 29 of them in the Khabarovsk region, 8 in the Jewish Autonomous region, 60 – in Buryatia, 22 – in Yakutia, 6 – in the Amur region, 19 – in the Primorsky territory. Seven patients are in intensive care.