In Ukraine have detained another suspect in the fire in the Chernobyl zone

The official website of the National police

According to investigators, 37-year-old man burned debris near the house, and the remains of the smoldering fire had been taken out of the village and emptied into the dry grass

The official website of the National police

Ukrainian police detained another suspect of involvement in the fire in the exclusion zone in Chernobyl. This was reported on the website of the Department.

According to investigators, 37-year-old man burned debris near the house, and the remains of the smoldering fire had been taken out of the village and emptied into the dry grass. There when the fire started, he did not go to the fire and tried to extinguish the fire yourself. He has failed to do so, as a result, the fire spread to the territory of the forest and further into the exclusion zone.

Concerning the suspect criminal case under article 245 of the criminal code (destruction or damage of objects of flora). He faces a fine from three hundred to five hundred free minima of the income of citizens or freedom restriction for a period of two till five years or imprisonment for the same term.

As reported on the website of the state service of Ukraine for emergency situations (SSES), on the ground observed the burning of grass and forest litter. It is noted that crown fire in trees, still can not extinguish the tract Rassokha and the Curve of the Mountain, at a distance of 10-15 kilometers from the plant. Had previously been liquidated fire between the cooling pond of a mothballed station and the river Pripyat.

As he wrote in a Facebook member of the public Council under the state Agency for exclusion zone management, Jaroslav Fedor, a forest fire in Chernobyl almost came close a repository for radioactive waste “Podlesny”.

“The situation is critical. Area burns. Local authorities reported that everything is under control, but in fact, the fire rapidly captures new territory. I have two options: either to Cabinet does not convey the real situation, or he chose a policy of silence of the Soviet authorities, as in 1986. Now the fire reached Pripyat, located two kilometers directly from radioactive waste repositories “pidlisnyi”, where the most highly radioactive waste of the entire radiation of the Chernobyl zone, and from Chernobyl,” wrote Jaroslav Emelianenko.

According to him, the fire at Chernobyl stew for the tenth day, but to no avail – the fire is next to the Pripyat. The authorities pretend that everything is in order. “Stop pretending that everything is OK! Tell people what is really happening with the fire!”, – said Emelianenko.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said in Facebook that he is closely monitoring the situation with the fires in the zone of the Chernobyl NPP, and the staff of the fire services are doing everything possible to cope with fire.

“I am grateful for the courage,” – said Zelensky, adding that in the near future will receive information from the head of the state service for emergency situations Nikolay Chechetkina. “The findings will not keep itself waiting long. The community should know the truth and be safe,” he concluded.

The fire in the exclusion zone began on 4 April and is still ongoing. During this time, there burned 12 former villages, whose inhabitants were evacuated after the nuclear accident in 1986, and a large array of forest. In extinguishing the fire involved more than 390 people and 90 pieces of equipment, including aircraft.

The government will allocate of 44.86 million hryvnia ($1.7 million) from the reserve Fund to carry out additional activities related to fire suppression. The representative of the public Council of the state Agency for exclusion zone management, Jaroslav Emelianenko said that Belarus has offered Ukraine helicopters to extinguish fires.

The Verkhovna Rada on Monday on the background of the critical situation with the spread of fire in the zone of Chernobyl has passed a bill to toughen penalties for arson of a dry grass and fallen leaves, which the deputies considered in the autumn of last year. In particular, the MPs have introduced changes to the criminal code, increasing fines for air pollution 18 times – up to 42.2 thousand, for the destruction or damage of objects of the plant world – up to $5.6 thousand In the Code of administrative offences Parliament has increased penalties for violations of requirements of fire safety in forests to $5.6 thousand

April 9, police detained a man who confessed that he set fire to the wild grass near an abandoned local farm for fun. As a result, in the exclusion zone and mandatory evacuation zone near the village of volodymyrivka Kotovskogo forestry 4 APR arose a forest fire in the area of 20 hectares, and April 7, the fire area increased to 35 hectares.

The foreign press also notes that the fire in the exclusion zone were caught the authorities by surprise. As writes the German newspaper Die Tageszeitung, the translation of which leads InoPressa, some of the fires in the exclusion zone located in places where there is no road access and the ability to haul equipment to extinguish a fire.
On Friday, the State scientific and technical centre for nuclear and radiation safety has announced that with the smoke from Chernobyl to Kiev moves and cesium-137. However, according to TV channel TSN, the expected concentration of a substance a hundred times below the maximum permissible level. As he said in an interview with TAZ, the Deputy Director of the largest Ukrainian environmental organization “Acadia” Oleksiy Pasyuk, most danger-prone people involved in extinguishing the fire. As a result of fire in the atmosphere is cesium and strontium that has accumulated in plants and on the surface of the earth.These hot radioactive particles, according to Pasyuk, can travel tens of kilometers.

According to the head of the State Agency of Ukraine on exclusion zone management Ekaterina Pavlova, in case of fire in the exclusion zone to blame for several factors. One of them is climate change, which very quickly ignited the dry wood and the absence of adequate measures for fire protection, arson and a short circuit power lines in the area around the damaged reactor, where a lot of cables. Many years ago, Ukraine has decided to allocate funds for the storage of radioactive waste, but the current money is not enough, including due to inflation.