Victims of storms and tornadoes in the southern half of the US steel 32 people

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A significant part of the United States suffered from inclement weather on April 12-13. Severe storms with dozens tornado first swept the States in the southern half of the country from Texas to North Carolina, then went to the East and North-East, including the States of new York and new Jersey, which remains the largest number of people infected with coronavirus new.

The death toll was at least 32 people in six States, dozens of residents were injured. Damaged and destroyed hundreds of houses, felled huge number of trees. No light left more than a million homes.

According to CNN, killed at least 11 people in Mississippi, 9 in South Carolina, 8 in Georgia, two in Tennessee, one in Arkansas and North Carolina. Element also caused major damage in the settlements of Louisiana and Alabama, but there were no victims.

In the affected areas, many people were forced to stay in evacuation points. Authorities urged them not to forget introduced because of the epidemic of the coronavirus restrictive measures – comply with social distancing, wearing masks or cover mouth and nose with bandanas and scarves.

In the North-Eastern parts of the country electricity lost 70 million homes. In the state of new York the wind gusts reached 110 km/h In new Jersey, there were heavy rains. Many fallen trees in the States of Connecticut and Massachusetts. Hundreds of teams of energy companies involved in works on restoration of power supply.

A few photos of the EF3 Tornado that touchdown and destroyed the area of East Brainerd Road.

— HamCoTNES (@HamCoTNES) April 13, 2020

In the state of Georgia was an amazing event. In the County of Upson strong wind tore the house from the ground and moved it a few meters. As a result, he was on the road. The structure remained almost intact, the channel reports The Weather Channel.

The County Sheriff’s office reported that there were no casualties, at this moment in the house was empty. In the vicinity of the tornado, caused damage to dozens of homes, knocked down thousands of trees.

A scientist from Auburn University, David Rose, who has a PhD in design of structures, explained what happened. He found that this house was built in 1952. At the time these buildings were built so that they rest on brickwork. So they are flying during a tornado are not uncommon, you do not even need a very strong wind.

Upson County

— Molly McCollum (@WXMolly) April 13, 2020

Georgia DOT crews are all over west central GA this morning removing trees and power lines from highways – even this house on GA 74 in Upson County, between Thomaston and Yatesville. Watch for our teams and equipment wherever you drive – as always #DriveAlert #ArriveAliveGA!

— GDOT West Central (@GDOTWest) April 13, 2020