Seven regions of Ukraine is not transferred to the statistics about
the number of cases and laboratory testing for the coronavirus
for April 19. This is reported by the news Agency, quoting a statement
the head of the Ministry of health Maxim Stepanov.

The Minister noted that during the resurrection, when
Ukrainians celebrated Easter in the country only made the 1988 laboratory tests
although in earlier days their number reaches 5000.

That’s what Stepanov has explained such low statistics
number of cases of coronavirus for April 19. According to Stepanov,
several Ukrainian regions, including in Chernivtsi (leader in the number of cases in
Ukraine), has not filed any information about testing of Ukrainians to the coronavirus.

The Minister has already given the order to find out the reasons

“Such a low number of tests is due to the fact,
firstly, the number of people who applied with the corresponding symptoms
and that it was necessary to PCR has decreased. On the other hand, for
the last day of the seven regions have not submitted any information about testing
Ukrainians coronavirus.

Is Vinnytsia, Luhansk, Chernivtsi, Chernihiv,
Sumy, Kherson and Khmelnytsky region.
This is unacceptable things I have already given
the instruction of the chief sanitary doctor Viktor Lyashko, who clarifies the reason
this situation,” he said.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that almost every 5th infected in Ukraine is a doctor. Became known why the coronavirus as “hits” on the workers of Ukraine.

Over the past day in Ukraine recorded 261 cases of the coronavirus. The total number of cases increased to 5 710.