Today, July 1, Pechersky district court of Kiev examined the case of the former President of Petro Poroshenko. At the meeting one of the prosecutors is urgently needed to head out.

The incident was on video channel “Direct”, which aired the session live.

Before the speech, attorney Poroshenko, one of the prosecutors who led the case of the former President, something happened. He asked the court to urgently release him from the room for 10 minutes. Poroshenko is outraged.

“We ask (the court – ed.) to make a decision. And please do not give the Prosecutor the right to avoid responsibility. It is still unknown who judges… Not run away from responsibility! You’re faking the case and you will answer for it! We will not interrupt,” said the former President.

In the end, he still urged the court to release attorney and gave his version of where he needed to go.

“Let him go to the toilet, because he about****smiling,” – said Poroshenko.

Note that Poroshenko is accused of alleged illegal appointment of the first Deputy head of the foreign intelligence Service of Ukraine. The ex-President’s claim of innocence.

At the same meeting, Poroshenko made a statement:

Earlier Dialogie reported that the court on July 1 appointed Poroshenko measure. The meeting was postponed for a week.

We also wrote that Poroshenko appealed to the President Zelensky from the courtroom and encouraged him to act.

Tatiana Shevchenko