In South Korea, the re-coronavirus found in 91 recovered patient

YTN NEWS / YouTube

91 resident of South Korea, which previously released from quarantine after recovering from COVID-19, repeated tests showed the presence of coronavirus infections SARS-CoV-2, reports Yonhap, citing the South Korean center for control and prevention of diseases.

The center said that they took these from the infected respiratory cells the virus for a more detailed analysis, the results of which should be expected no earlier than in two weeks. In particular, experts want to know whether the organism develops in these patients, antibodies against the coronavirus. However, some experts noted that people who have antibodies can no longer infect others.

Meanwhile, South Korean experts assume that with high probability patients were not re-infected, and previously proved they have the virus activated again, reports “Interfax”. It is noted that the tests showed that in these patients the presence of SARS-CoV-2 through a relatively short period of time after they were released from quarantine.

Also, a number of virologists and epidemiologists have speculated that the coronavirus may remain in a latent state in some cells of the human body, and later re-activated and attack the respiratory system. This hypothesis wrote InoPressa.

Yonhap recalls that infected with coronavirus, the patient is considered fully recovered after two tests on the virus showed a negative result and is made in 24-hour interval.

Earlier it became known that the number of new cases of infection with coronavirus in South Korea for the first time since February fell below 30 to 27. Thus the total number of cases reached 10 to 450 people.

The death toll from coronavirus has increased to four persons and amounted to 208 people. 6973 man in South Korea recovered.