Israel has asked Russia to send kits for serology tests for coronavirus

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The military correspondent of the news service, “Hadashot 12” NIR Dvori reported on Twitter that the Israeli government appealed to Russia with a request for delivery of kits for serological tests.

Serological tests are designed to test for the presence of antibodies, showing that the person has already suffered a disease. The availability of such tests for coronavirus disease, which many are asymptomatic, would facilitate a mode of quarantine, removing restrictions from ill. Now on the creation of serology tests for coronavirus are several companies, but none of the mechanisms have not yet been certified by the American Agency for the oversight of drugs FDA or the Israeli Ministry of health.

Meanwhile it became known that infected patients in Russia began to pour blood plasma from recovered from infection. The first such procedure conducted at the Moscow Institute of emergency care named sklifosofskiy and city hospital N52 7 patients who are now being treated in city hospitals.

According to the chief freelance specialist transfusiologist of the Moscow health Department Andrei Bulanov, the human body, had undergone an infectious disease, produces antibodies, which allows him to fight off the infection. But often this process in the case of the specific pathogen has its own characteristics, so the intervention it requires caution. In the future technology will be able to learn from other medical institutions of Russia.

That transfusion of blood plasma can be treated caused by coronavirus pneumonia in early February said Chinese doctors. This method was successfully applied for the treatment of several patients. According to doctors, the introduction of patients plasma of recovered patients led to a significant improvement in their condition. In heavy patients after 12-24 hours after the introduction of the plasma was recorded a significant reduction of inflammation, increased levels of lymphocytes in the blood has mitigated the symptoms of the disease.