The first infected with coronavirus patient was
laboratory worker in Wuhan, but the Chinese authorities tried to hide this
and you used a version of the infection on the market of animals as a cover.

This was announced by the influential journalists of the American channel Fox News, citing its own sources. Journalists American
channel refer to familiar with the decisions of the authorities of China and saw
relevant documents.

The TV channel reported that the virus “originated in a laboratory does not
as biological weapons,” and as a result of the efforts of the Chinese authorities
to surpass the United States in the work of detection of viruses and fight them.

Moreover, it was found that on the Wuhan market, which
initially it was thought the place of origin of the virus, never sold bat
mice. Version Chinese authorities were specifically developed to cover,
in order to avoid criticism by the world community in his address.

Journalists have reported that human coronavirus
transmitted from bats in the laboratory: the so-called “zero
the patient” spread the virus on people in Wuhan. Then there was an explosive
the spread of the virus.

Previously, we reported that the coronavirus more captures Russia and President Vladimir Putin “darkly” tells about this situation.

We will remind, growth in the number of cases of coronavirus in Russia almost completely copies the situation in Italy. If the scenario is to develop at a pace and on, then after a month in Russia can be more than 150 000 patients.