In “LNR” announced the first loss since the beginning of the armistice – the position of three explosions

Friday, July 31, “people’s police” unrecognized “LNR” has accused the Ukrainian army to disrupt the truce in the Donbass.

The statement of one of the commanders of the “LNR” separatist resources were distributed.

According to the militants, Mat three times allegedly thrown off a Quad grenade “VOG-17” at the position near the village of kalynove-Borshchuvate that near Pervomaisk.

It is known that as a result of three explosions, two militants of the “LPR” were injured. In “the Republic” noted that this is the first loss since the onset of the truce in the Donbass.

APU information of militants is not confirmed. According to the summary of staff of CEO, as of 17:00 Friday, July 31, gunmen broke the truce. It happened in the area of Water and Pivdenne.

In the first case, the hybrid army was used against the APU mounted grenade launcher, and the second small arms. The staff noted that the fire was not aimed, therefore, what the APU did not open fire in response.

It is also worth noting that, according to the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian defense Ministry, a hybrid Russian army uses the ceasefire to rotate the groups on the front lines.

Moreover, it is noted that in the connection housings “L/DNR” from Russia there arrived the Russian officers, who check the condition of the groups and occupy positions of command.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that the militants in the Donbass violated the ceasefire and struck APU mines.

We also wrote that the rossm caught the representative of the “LPR” Marochko on the lie APU violation of the truce: “nerves”.

Tatiana Shevchenko