The media talked about the inconsistencies in the version of the Russian Federation about 33 “vagnerova” and showed evidence: “Old to burn tickets”

Minsk has denied the version of Moscow that 33 arrested mercenary Russian PMCs “Wagner” used Belarus as a transit country.

Inconsistencies in the version of RF was published by the Belarusian National TV REL.

Russian mercenaries were arrested near Minsk on the night of July 29. They were detained in the sanatorium “Belorusochka”. While the Kremlin and foreign Ministry kept silent, Russian resources began to disperse the hypothesis that “vagnerovsky” allegedly used Belarus as a transit point to a hot spot.

However, over the ultimate goal of the Russians were confused. Voiced by countries such as Iran, Syria, Sudan, Venezuela.

In Belarus believe that the mercenaries sent into the country to destabilize the internal situation before the presidential election. According to the investigation version of the transit was originally intended to cover.

As evidence was released the screenshot of your chat fighters with the curator.

“Tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. everyone must vacate the rooms and out to the buses. Old tickets to burn on the street in the ballot box,” writes “vagnerova” contact under the name Shaman.

Was published the testimony of Gennady Company, which provided transportation of militants on the territory of Belarus. In his words, a group he took from the Russian border on July 24 and was lucky, as agreed in the Minsk national airport.

But at the last moment the destination was changed for an unknown reason. He took the mercenaries in “Belorusochka”. Flight to Istanbul went without 33 passengers.

In Minsk said that after that, the Turkey flew many flights. However, the “vagnerovsky” somehow remained in Belarus.

The head of the investigative group Alexander Agapov believes that the version with the flight to Istanbul was prepared as an alibi. But the real aim of the militants was different.

He noted that the detainees are confused about the testimony. So, 15 people claim that flying in Turkey, 11 in Venezuela, the rest going to Cuba and Syria. One did not know where he was sent.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that Igor eydman spoke about the arrest of “vagnerova” in Minsk: “In the course went “green men”, that the Crimean scenario”.

We also wrote that Belarus has revealed new details about detainees “vagnerova” – correspondence has confirmed the suspicions.

Tatiana Shevchenko