The drunk man, like a representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Krutskikh, and in Germany called herself a “spy” and insulted the Germans

The prospective special representative of RF President on international cooperation in the field of information security Andrey Krutskikh were in a scandal in Germany. He made an offensive statement about the Germans.

Video is probably a high-ranking official of the Russian foreign Ministry was published in the Telegram-channel “Ukrainian Dialogue”.

Judging by the video, the video shot in one of the hotels in Germany. In this English-speaking male in the Krutskikh, with obvious signs of intoxication, seeing compatriots, began to insult the Germans.

“It’s the German Nazis… Get out of here! From Germany we gotta go!” he says.

The man also adds to his escort: “Translate these Germans, that we are spies.”

Video commented in a Telegram to Russian blogger Alexander Gorbunov, known under the nickname “Stalingrad”.

“We are told that Russia has neither a sane ally, because the enemy is everywhere. But look how the f**drunk Andrey Krutskikh calls the Germans Nazis, and understand that in some mu***. And they are worse than enemies,” he wrote.

The blogger questioned the professionalism of the foreign Ministry, which behaves in a similar way.

“Behaves like a typical greedily to leave a camper on a beach somewhere Room***a. The level of competence of “Antoch, turn the camera on, I’m a candy corn Fritz kin as grandparents in the 43rd, then the boys will send, will show that we have beautifully a rest,” – said Gorbunov.

Note: Andrey Krutskikh rod. 30 Aug 1951 — Russian statesman and politician, Soviet and Russian diplomat, special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for international cooperation in the field of information security.
Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (with 10.02.2016). Director of international information security of the Ministry of foreign Affairs (with 13.01.2020).
Member of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences. Was part of the Russian delegation at the talks with the US on limitation of strategic offensive arms.

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Tatiana Shevchenko