A curious case occurred recently in Kiev with police. Likely, the offender showed originality, trying to hide from the police.

Video of the incident, which took one of the witnesses, first, published on Facebook resource”, Kiev Operative”.

“So from the police yet no one tried to escape,” reads the caption to the video.

Guy in shorts trying to climb the four-meter cross, which is located on the side near the road. Nearby are three patrolmen.

In the end, the police managed to remove the latter-day “Jesus” from the cross.

The video caused a resonance on social networks. Members broke out sarcastic comments:

“God help you”.

“So crucify the boy in panties”.

“That’s what the life-giving cross makes,” write the users of social networks.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that police detained a priest, a seller of military weapons.

We also wrote that the police gave the teenagers a hard interrogation with threats: “the Jerk, I like you, in the morning, eat.”

Tatiana Shevchenko