“Verification of registration”, “thematic discussions” about debts for housing and communal services – under this “sauce” the utility of the occupied Donetsk carried out a new “operation” to identify apartments where people do not live constantly, according to Диалог.UA.

Now employees of public utilities bypassed apartments and “take a pencil” so-called “orphan”.

Writes loyal to “DNR” telegram channel “Donbass case”, public utilities, primarily interested in the apartments of people living as settlers on the unoccupied territory of Ukraine and left for work in Russia.

The information is collected “inspectors” to work with the population. They bypass apartments of Donetsk, find out if the apartment owners or living space to someone for rent. If you are unable to find owners or tenants, the “inspectors” communicate with the neighbors.

The main topic of conversation – the alleged debt on payment for housing and communal services in the occupied Donetsk is almost everyone. But sources claim that the main goal – search for apartments, or vacant rental units for a long time. And create a database of such apartments.

For what purpose is this done? The answer to this question can be clear and unequivocal, given the thousands of “depressed” in Donetsk apartments.

At the same time in social networks people write that resumed in Donetsk, the bypass apartments with utilities similar to those observed in 2018 and 2019.

Then, the Network was told that scared of the possible “extraction” of housing by their owners came to town, and then became either travel abroad or pay the actual ransom to their home “took control”.

“It was so with my roommate, his three-pointer. The center of Donetsk, third floor, near everything. Under the guise that “heats” the second floor, broke the door, and then have it sealed. He had to come from Krivoy Rog, to give a lease to the housing office to housing is left alone. You understand that any leak was not”, “Do our friends have the apartment occupied. The military family now lives. Also, someone “snitched” that the owners long absent, such examples are many in Donetsk”, “Donetsk are actually apartments, which are on the “tick” at our Hoo full. And I know that some owners really detachable chiefs Zhekov, neighbors that the apartments looked after and that people are not deprived of housing,” – write the inhabitants of Donetsk in social networks.

Earlier in Donetsk shot the head of one of Zhekov – the victim 8 firearms, 2 through wounds.

In addition, in Donetsk under the open sky were the data of hundreds of local residents. Photocopies of passports, INN, etc., someone just threw out on the street.

Nadezhda Nikitina