Humanity has seen many portable elektronikov, but this little scooter lifts ideas about man-portable vehicles to a new level. Poimo (POrtable and Inflatable MObility) is inflatable motorcycle from the team at the University of Tokyo, which in a deflated condition will easily fit in a backpack.

At the moment, Poimo – just a test prototype, so its setup and operation can be a little harder than it looks in the video. Wheels and a steering wheel with a wireless controller are detached and transferred separately. Besides, the test version during the movement requires an external air compressor to maintain pressure which will allow it to withstand the weight of the driver. Control and movement is achieved by tilting forward and focusing feet in a special foot pegs.

In fact, there are still enough questions. How much is enough battery the size of a book at the bottom of the bike? The entire set only weighs about 5.5 kg, which is quite a bit for this unit, since it is likely small. What is the best way to put in the bag two pairs of wheels? How long will it take for the installation and pumping, if you use a conventional mechanical pump? In the end – is it practical?

It may be that there is. But that is no reason not to show the interesting development. In addition, the team of the University of Tokyo does not want to stay on the bike and already thinking on the creation of such advanced vehicles as, for example, a mobile inflatable sofas.