The team of programmers and songwriters from Australia won the first (informal) stage of the Eurovision song contest for Artificial Intelligence. Their chip was using a neural network, trained on the sounds that are usually made Koala, the Kookaburra and Tasmanian devils. A group called Uncanny Valley (Sinister Valley) said that their song is a resonant response to the season of forest fires that ravaged Australia in 2019.

Despite the fact that this “song Contest AI”, computers by themselves can’t compete. As usually happens with music neural networks, machine learning is used to generate some of the elements of the songs, and the people then engaged in the arrangement and performance of the final versions of the tracks. In the case of the winning song called “the Beautiful World” AI mainly used to write melodies and lyrics, and the sounds of Australian wildlife as a synthesizer.

Second place in competition occupied Germany with the creepy song “I’ll Marry You, Come Punk of” collective Portrait Team Dadabots x XO. To create text, the team used an AI trained on the acapella 1950-ies. He created the flow of chatter, they then tried to recognize the words. The music was written using a collection of neural networks trained in a variety of genres, from pop chorus to a harmonic of the Baroque age. The resulting track is a mixture of different styles, with one of the team members compares the process of working on it with the “hunting and gathering”.

Source — Eurovision AI