Cracked, the years have not been renovated and the road which the pavement will come soon. And it’s not the boondocks, hundreds of miles from civilization. This is one of the once prosperous towns of the Luhansk region Alchevsk, reports Диалог.UA.

The blogger with the nickname “Alchevsk UA” posted on Twitter a photo taken at the intersection of streets of Lenin and Popova. This, though not the city center but not the periphery.

However, before Alchevsk in 2014 became part of the so-called “LNR”, he is all, both the centre and the outskirts, I lived very well. The guarantors of such a life was Alchevsk metallurgical plant and Alchevsk coke plant.

The city was one of the leaders in the Luhansk oblast of budget revenues per capita and real wages. In Alchevsk was one of the best in the field of urban and local roads. In many respects this city has surpassed even the regional center.

But that was before 2014, before part of the Lugansk region healed “by the standards of the p***anyone in the world.”

Now in the “LPR” in Luhansk the roads are repaired, as they say, “in the hour of a teaspoon”, and in other cities of the “Republic” about the welfare of civilization had almost forgotten.

As for Alchevsk, now two city-forming enterprises are almost idle. At the metallurgical plant workers recently went on strike, demanding repayment of three-month salary arrears.

And the city itself if such a “chic” life of profit-making enterprises has become not even a terrible hole, but into something worse – in the territory in which the welfare of the population does not fit by definition.

Earlier there were shots of how a change in the occupied Lugansk with the beginning of the arrival in ORLO “p***hell spring”. The review noted that the old city will be gone.

Also, the Network is shocked footage from “capital” “LC”, as the inhabitants on the street in the center stand and wait their turn to get paid.

Nadezhda Nikitina