Update of the Constitution opened the way to the Kremlin for the annexation of the Ukrainian Donbass. This opinion was expressed by loyal to the government of the Russian scientist Vladimir Karasev.

The words Karaseva actively broadcast separatist resources of Donbass.

He noted that in the plebiscite the Russians have shown support for the policy of President Vladimir Putin and gave him carte Blanche for the seizure of the Ukrainian territory.

“The reason Putin made a statement about the unjust and wrong the exit of the former Union republics from the USSR”, – said Karasev.

He believes that the way for the accession of Donbass to Russia was open when updating of the Constitution.

In particular, interest is article 67 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, in which the notion of “Federal territory”.

“This is the way to return to Russia those Russian lands, which “grab” some former Soviet republics,” – said Karasev.

He believes that this is why Moscow announced an ultimatum to Kiev for the adoption of the law on the special status of Donbass. In the Kremlin, demanding that the law was passed not later than 6 July.

According to the Kremlin political scientist, after that date, the Kremlin will “force Georgia to peace”.

It is worth noting, according to official figures of the plebiscite, more than 77% of Russians supported the amendment of the Constitution of Russia. Independent exit polls publish very different numbers.

Earlier Dialogie reported that Karasev predicted the accession of Donbass to Russia in the autumn: “the preparation”.

We also wrote that according to the US General Ben Hodges says Russia could militarily invade the southern territory of mainland Ukraine this fall.

In the United States is preparing sanctions against Putin and Shoigu because of the history with the Taliban – in the Kremlin reacted

Tatiana Shevchenko