The exercise, held at the Rivne landfill, worked out the application of American anti-tank missile complexes “javelin”, Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles “Bayraktar” and the offspring of Ukrainian designers – the automated control system of artillery and missile complexes “Dzvin”, according to Диалог.UA.

As explained in the General staff of VSU, the exercises were held with the participation of the Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Colonel-General Ruslan Hamakom.

Units participating in the maneuvers, practiced defensive and offensive action with the latest weapons and the most modern methods of warfare.

Military actions on the modern level – very expensive. Because, as reported, partially firing was carried out using the laser simulator shooting, providing for the military terms corresponding to real combat.

After completion of the exercise, Colonel-General Ruslan Homchak acknowledged that participating in the training division demonstrated superior combat coordination and the ability to quickly and effectively operate in conditions as close to real ground battle.

Previously, Mat has held large-scale exercises naval aviation in nikolayevshchina. Combat troops were working on the Mi-14, Mi-8 and plane An-26. Defenders of Ukraine carried out the landing and performed a search, and the elimination of the submarine of the conditional opponent.

In addition, on the coast of the Azov sea was held a command-staff exercise, during which Ukrainian Marines practiced the skills for reflection of attack of the Marines of the enemy and the capture of major infrastructure projects.

Nadezhda Nikitina