Movie star Ivan Krasko has shared that today does not have the same income as before. That all changed after Russia began the epidemic of the coronavirus, and the country switched to a mode of self-isolation.

Actor difficult times, experiencing the cottage in the Leningrad region. According to him, today he lives on a miserable pension and a salary. Forcing him to deny themselves in many ways, including in food.

“If the quarantine had: that a creative meeting, the talk show on national TV on family showdowns — now nothing. And, accordingly, no income other than wages and pensions not. Please — I’m just like a hobo” — quoted Krasko KP.RU.

Now paint contains not only himself but his two children. Lack of money affected not only by the lifestyle of celebrities, but also on the quality of the food. Because of what the artist is forced to eat instant noodles, diluting it with canned goods.

Not to fall into depression Krasko help the troubles at a holiday farm. Due to quarantine 89-year-old actor talks to nobody, as he says, doesn’t want to put yourself at risk neither, nor people.

Previously it turned out that relatives of the paint stripped it, due to family Krasko lost almost all their property.

In addition, former the young wife Krasko admitted, which gave rossm the reason for the scandals in which she was put in a bad light.