China has pressed the EU to mitigate the report on the misinformation of China on coronavirus – NYT

KIEV. April 26. UNN. “Rough draft” of the report of the European Union, which accuses China of misinformation regarding coronavirus pandemic, changed before publication due to pressure from Beijing to declare that it is the Western media, particularly the New York Times and Reuters April 25, reports UNN citing “Radio Liberty”.

According to journalists, China tried to prevent the publication of a report and some paragraphs that criticized the government, were withdrawn, commuted or moved before it is published.

The original text of the report, to be published April 20, pointed out “triangular ascension narratives of misinformation” that had circulated China, Iran and Russia coronavirus crisis, writes “Radio Freedom”.

The paper argues that China as before “is the head of a global misinformation campaign to evade responsibility for the outbreak of paremii and improve its international image”, the article says the New York Times.

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In addition, according to the text, Beijing has tried to accuse the military of the United States and the spread of the disease worldwide, as well as French politicians — is that they allegedly resorted to racial insults addressed to the chair of the world health organization Ethiopians of Tedros Adhanom of Gebreyesus.

However, when on 24 April the report was made public with a delay, the phrase “global campaign of disinformation” regarding China from it disappeared, as well as politicians accused France of racism.

As stated by the New York Times section, which singled out Russia and China as the government which was behind the disinformation, was “mixed with the rest of the report.”

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But released a brief content of the internal report circulated among the governments of the EU States that “the official and state-supported sources from various governments, including Russia and, to a lesser extent, China, continued to widely spread conspiracy narrative and misinformation both in the EU and beyond”.

According to the document, “selected state-controlled channels in social networks, further spreading the theory that the outbreak in Wuhan associated with the military of the United States, indicating a permanent intention to be ambiguous about the origin of the virus”.

The New York Times and Reuters claim that their messages accusing European officials to delay and modify the report regarding the Chinese intervention, based on many sources, including internal correspondence and documentation of the European Union.

Earlier UNN reported the findings of the intelligence services, in accordance with which Russia and China are involved in the coordinated dissemination of misinformation about the coronavirus.