11 may be a point at which Ukraine will begin to withdraw gradually from the quarantine imposed in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus.

First, it is planned the gradual opening up of parks, gardens, beauty salons. Then will gradually start working the point of wholesale and retail trade, specializing in non-food products. In addition, the first stage allows for the resumption of the work of lawyers, cafes, car washes.

The second stage of the quarantine in the country includes the renewal of the educational process in senior classes, work, hotels, gyms, fitness centers, etc.

It is possible that will allow competition, but without the spectators, and with the number of participants is not more than 50 people.

In the third stage it is planned the opening of the Mall, but without the gaming points, as well as cinemas and theatres. Will also open some schools, metro will work for special transportation.

In addition, we can resume passenger transportation, but at this stage only within the regions.

The fourth stage is the resumption of not only metro, but also all ground transportation. Opens restaurants, cultural facilities, dental offices, etc.

The fifth stage is the final. It includes removal of all major restrictions, except for those cases which have been set by the authorities.

Earlier, ex-Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun said why against a quick lifting of quarantine in Ukraine. In her opinion in the current circumstances it can be dangerous to Ukrainians.

We will remind, from-for quarantine small business Ukraine on the brink, many companies are planning to close or already closed.