In 34 days, at the end of may this year, an American ship Crew Dragon developed by SpaceX, will carry out its mission to the International space station. This means that the monopoly of Russian state Corporation “Roskosmos” for flights to the ISS comes to an end according to Russian experts

Space industry of Russia is experiencing not the best times. and blame not only the pandemic coronavirus, the sanctions against Russia because of the aggressive actions in Ukraine and Syria, the global economic crisis and its consequences, the fall in world oil prices and so on.

“The reason is that the company “Roscosmos” is suffering losses due to the loss of their American customers. In 2019 the forces of Roscosmos on the ISS, was delivered to 70 NASA astronauts: then Russia made a 3.9 billion US dollars.

To end Russia’s monopoly on sending people into space was 34 days: 27 may should be made the first flight to the ISS Dragon Crew vehicle from SpaceX, with an American crew.

And it’s not so much a question of prestige, as financial well-being of the Russian space Agency, after all, in the current environment there are no guarantees that the budget of Russia will be able to master the previous generous infusion. Yes, and from a dubious venture with the construction of an office center on the site of the Center. Khrunichev for ₽25 billion Rogozin refuses.

By the end of 2019, the Federal space Agency delivered to the ISS NASA astronaut 70, earning $3.9 billion on average each delivery of an astronaut has cost the U.S. $55 million But the prices are not frozen and is constantly growing: in 2015, Roscosmos has estimated the services in $82 million, and last year rose to $86 million.

That is, the annual loss of Roscosmos due to the loss of American customers valued at least $258 million in fact they are 2 times more: European space Agency, also benefiting from the despair of the services of the Russian space Agency, expressed a desire to use the ships Elon musk to deliver astronauts into orbit.

Other sources of income of the Russian space Agency is almost gone. Rogozin was the only large commercial customer company OneWeb, which concluded in 2015, the contract to launch 21 carrier rocket with the satellites that provide Internet access on the ground.

But at the end of March OneWeb filed for bankruptcy. To date, there were only 2 starts. The next problem was waiting with the refusal of the US the Russian rocket engines. In the following year to begin commercial operation of the New missiles Glenn from Blue Origin Jeff Bezos with engines of its own design. With the advent of the engines from NPO “Energomash” becomes irrelevant. But in 2017, exports to the United States has supplied about 30% of revenue “Energomash”.

Thus, the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, it seems, seriously there is a reason to reflect on the dire situation of his Corporation.

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The head of the American space company SpaceX Elon Musk has responded to
the prosecution of Dmitry Rogozin, the head of “Roscosmos”, that the American
the company specifically dumping, reducing prices for market launches.

Addressing Vladimir Putin, Rogozin could not address the subject
“unfair” prices with the Americans on missile launches. He recalled
the President of the Russian Federation that NASA pays for the launch four times more than
the company SpaceX Elon musk has the same service costs about 60
of millions of dollars. This cost Roskosmos believes

In turn, Eric Berger, senior editor
portal Ars Technica says that such arguments are hypocritical,
explaining that neither the Europeans nor the Russians don’t complain when
American space Corporation receives large subsidies.

when you receive the SpaceX commercial rocket is much cheaper than
competitors, it suddenly becomes unfair,” he adds.