The failure of today’s vote means high possibility
the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers in autumn 2020 on the eve of local elections. Then
President Vladimir Zelensky will have a chance to lead the process, supporting
resignation and forming a new government.

People’s Deputy Alexey Goncharenko considers that today’s failure
government program in Parliament suggests that the Cabinet in this form
on cannot work.

“It was obvious before, because the personnel reshuffle in the Ministry of health and
The Ministry of Finance, numerous questionable appointments and the chaotic attacks on
“Prozora”, “testing”, the national Bank, the fourth month of no Ministers in the key sectors
(energy and education) is too much even in conditions of shortage of personnel, so the result of the vote in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, unfortunately,
naturally,” – said the MP.

Goncharenko argues that the President was in a difficult situation when
you can select: to change the composition of the Cabinet or to dissolve Parliament, which he
harder to negotiate.

“To work effectively, the government, which expects layoffs, not
maybe that’s why it’s only a matter of time, and it’s bad for the country because
again “hang” it in a state of uncertainty and unpredictability. Country
again lost time and opportunities,” stated the MP.

Previous volunteer Miroslav Gai noted that in connection with the recent events in Parliament, we can assume that Ukraine will be a difficult political autumn.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal believes that the reasons for resignation of Ministers no. within 60 days the government will finalize the program for further approval in the Parliament.

Julia Bulyga