What are the promises that the current leaders of our country were given during the elections will fail if you start the promised “landing”, and if they start with the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko?

All this Elena Kudrenko wrote in his Facebook.

Elena Kudrenko asked: if you put Petro Poroshenko, immediately increase the salaries of state employees? Every Ukrainian will get his share of the property planted? Russia on the same day will leave the Donbass and will take away the division from the Ukrainian borders?

Elena Kudrenko also asked the Ukrainians to think about how the “landing” will affect the tariffs for housing and communal services, as well as on prices on the consumer market. Or after the “landing” will rapidly increase pensions and wages and prices, by some miracle, will remain unchanged?

The blogger urged Ukrainians to think: who and why speaks of “the landing”. Not trying these people by creating a loud news events to distract citizens from more pressing problems, especially as a potential “inmates” for some reason persistently called prominent politicians, opposition against the current government, not the defendants in major corruption scandals of recent times.

“I understand, after the possible landing of Petro Poroshenko in the country’s long-awaited improvement? The teacher will receive 4-thousand dollars, and every voter will see his share of the property “huckster”.

Also suddenly appear a great way, Europe will give us money and assistance, and Russia will withdraw their troops from our borders. From Kharkov, Sumy, Donetsk and Lugansk. From the Crimea – not a fact, but you and so go all these years, isn’t it?

Landing Poroshenko will reduce the tariffs for communal and pensions will be like in Europe or even in Russia, but prices to the Ukrainian left to start. Did you forget anything?” – posted by Elena Kudrenko.

We will remind, before Poroshenko was officially charged with suspicion in excess of powers. The former President is suspected that he is in 2018, the bowed head of the foreign intelligence Service of Yegor Bozhok to the appointment of his Deputy Sergei Semochko.

In addition, the team Poroshenko has accused Office of public Prosecutor of speculation on the death of his father, who died June 16. And the Network noted that the current authorities are interested in prosecuting the fifth President of Ukraine.