In Ukraine, want to toughen punishment for public debt.

The next heating season in Ukraine will struggle with defaulters for utilities. Debtors will be “punished by hryvnia” – namely, increased penalties for nonpayment. Debts for communal services in our country has already exceeded 60 billion hryvnia. To solve the problem of debts from Kiev demanded by the international monetary Fund.

Such information bila in a letter published by the Ministry of Finance.

It is possible that the next heating season, the Ukrainians will have to not only pay higher penalties for non-payment of communal and also debtors will be able to recover funds through the courts. The repayment of debt from the defaulter will deduct money from wages or social welfare payments.

The debtors promise and other ways to solve the problem: the signing of the agreement on debt restructuring.

We will remind, last week, BP was issued a bill No. 3613. If it is approved, the consumer will partially pick up the salary, but also to seize the property.

Previously, we reported that the people’s representatives supported the amendment of the Law of Ukraine “On housing and communal services”: the Executive office is now able to enter the apartment of the defaulter without a court order or the permission of the owner.

Alena Doroshenko