Showman Maxim Galkin said that too many have experienced with Alla Pugacheva, has experienced more than one difficulty and trouble. So all the accusations about “best marriage” with Alla Borisovna he considers groundless.

In his “Tonight” Galkin said that Pugacheva he married in late 2011. But before that, the couple lived many years a civil marriage.

When the relationship was officially registered, the couple decided not to sign a marriage contract.

As noted humorist, it doesn’t make sense. Maxim Galkin said, what about any bonuses and personal gain in the relationship with the Diva thought. In addition, the comedian was assured that I would never have gone to the deception of the singer.

“We have no prenup. In our case, with Alla we first lived 10 years, then got married and after married. That is the test of time,” reminded the husband of Pugacheva.

According to Galkina, in their family, no concept of – “my” and “your” money, it was opened in the beginning of the relationship.

In the family all the money is considered public. Despite the fact that today the Diva is completely dedicated to his family and upbringing of the twins Lisa And Harry, the main earner was comedian.

Recall, Galkin explained why began to put less photos with Alla Pugacheva in the social media and admitted that between them actually happens.

In addition, Maxim Galkin told that I was in shock when I learned about freezing a piece of her eggs.

The comedian said that when he came to himself in all the supported spouse. Galkin never regretted that he and singer decided on the birth of a son and daughter.