Iryna Bilyk and Dmytro Kolyadenko broke up in 2006. Today Bilyk happily married with stylist Aslan by ahmedovym, which brings up their son. And Kolyadenko says that Bilyk for him – the love of my life.

Moreover, the choreographer even made recently the star offer of marriage.

Despite the fact that today between the former warm relations, Roman Bilyk and Kolyadenko was not so rosy as it seemed many fans of the couple.

Kolyadenko in a fit of anger could raise to your favorite hand, and he was very jealous of the singer.

“Dima Kolyadenko – even fights… Mostly he beat me… But it was all because of a great love. Everyone knew that at this address Irina Bilyk lives with Dima Kolyadenko, who’s a troublemaker, a hooligan, but who loves her” – shared Irina Bilyk.

“And even the police couldn’t get him to calm down. Now I told him: “Dima, why are you fighting? Why were you jealous? Why did you do so that we’re not together now?”

He said, “Here, Bilicka, I don’t know. I love you so much that jealous.” Everything is one answer, and anything else he can’t say,” admitted the star of the Ukrainian show-business in an interview with the program “Batman”.

We will remind, the former civil husband Bilyk, Dmitry Dikusar told why he split with the singer.

The artist shared that the specific cause of the rupture was not. Just after three years of marriage, the relationship “burned like a candle”.

We also wrote, as Kolyadenko once made Bilyk literally burn with shame when shared with friends started to share details of their intimate life.