Export flight flying light because of the new algorithm that cut many categories of people stranded abroad Russians

AGN Moscow / Aleksandr Avilov

It takes away from the homecoming of those who left before 1 January 2020, and transmit powers to form the export lists from the Ministry of foreign Affairs to the Ministry of communications

AGN Moscow / Aleksandr Avilov

The interlocutors in aircraft structures confirmed that one flight can fly only the inhabitants of one city or one region. After landing at the destination airport they are sent to home quarantine for 14 days to prevent the spread of infection to other regions

AGN Moscow / Aleksandr Avilov

The Russians, blocked in various countries due to the closure of borders and wanting to get home, take out under the new scheme. “Algorithm of the organization of works on removal of citizens of the Russian Federation from foreign States” was approved on April 7, the operational headquarters for the prevention and spread of novel coronavirus infection in Russia.

It takes away from the homecoming of those who left before 1 January 2020, and transmit powers to form the export lists from the Ministry of foreign Affairs to the Ministry of communications. In addition, on one side put the residents of a particular city or region, to ensure that the premises of tourists under quarantine at the place of residence. In the end, the aircraft nedobirayut passengers and fly light, writes “Kommersant”.

A five-page document paints a step by step process of export and functionality of its organizers. According to the first paragraph, the list of those to be shipped to Russia, and now forms the Ministry of communications on the results of filling out forms on the state services portal. The foreign Ministry previously collected data through diplomatic missions abroad, will participate in the approved notification of departure of citizens and organizations collect them at airports.

While on the lists people had to fly from Russia after 1 January 2020, and this criterion cuts out quite a lot of people: among those who applied to return, for example, from Thailand, a lot of organized life to spend in this country most of the year. Now they can’t return to Russia.

The Minister of communications began personally to collect lists of Russians on the flight through the “chat fuflyzhnaya…”

Another category, cut off from return transportation after January 1, is students. Muscovite Vladislav Makarov who completed their education in the United States in the beginning of this year, said that was unable to fly from new York on April 7, but received a notification from “Aeroflot” and Embassy of the Russian Federation that it appears in the list on the flight. In landing he had been denied at the airport – probably due to the fact that he entered the United States before January 1.

Verified and checked MVD lists go to the information center to monitor the situation with the coronavirus, who shall transmit them to the Executive authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation “for consideration to the preparedness to accept the respective citizens.” The final lists are formed only after the regions will be informed about the readiness to deliver people from the airport to the place of residence or of the passage of the quarantine. The final list of the Ministry of communications is by grouping people according to the cities in which citizens live.

It is grouping people according to the regions and cities of residence is connected with the fact that the planes in Russia began to fly with an incomplete download. The plane from Bangkok to Saint Petersburg took the Russians only 187 of 296, and the liner from new York to Moscow, were taken from 48 to 61 in the presence of 402 seats. Thus, the fact that the planes fly empty, on flights not affected, although the flight loaded on 15%, it is impossible to recoup at the expense of the sold tickets to passengers.

The interlocutors in aircraft structures confirmed that one flight can fly only the inhabitants of one city or one region. After landing at the destination airport they are sent to home quarantine for 14 days to prevent the spread of infection to other regions. Theoretically flown could be sent to quarantine in a medical facility, but places for this neither in the regions nor in Moscow.

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin 28 Mar ordered direct from the budget half a billion rubles for compensation of costs for the removal of the Russians from foreign countries. It is reported that the money has already arrived in Rosaviation, but for their listing the airlines regulator needs to obtain supporting documents for incurred expenditures. It is not excluded that some of the money will be allocated only at the end of April.

At the moment, Aeroflot and S7 are taken of passengers who have their hands on tickets for this or any other Russian airlines. In the presence of the Russians of tickets of foreign airlines that do not have partnership agreements with Russian companies to the settlement, customers must re-purchase a ticket from a Russian carrier. The company, which brought passengers for a tourist trip (Azur, Ural airlines), take out Russians either by tour operators or for its own account under promise of government to repay the money after transportation. Thus, the company Azur, evacuation of Russian citizens from Brazil and Peru, spent $778 thousand

Innovations have led to the fact that we had to cancel the flight, agreed to the adoption of the new algorithm. One of the most difficult situations arose with the departure of Russian citizens from Seoul, where about 50 people waiting for departure in the transit area of the airport, and more than 100 people are in the city. Many are there from the 31st of March, among them are families with children, pregnant women, 80-year-old men. On 7 April, the Federal air transport Agency gave approval for the departure of the aircraft of the airline “Aurora” from Khabarovsk to Seoul, but at the last moment the permit was revoked due to non-compliance with formalities.

Mess with lists have moved to Telegram, with the personal participation of the Minister of communications

As discovered by BBC Russian service on Wednesday evening communications Minister Maksut Shadaev in manual mode personally collected through Telegram application of tourists waiting for the evacuation of Phuket in Thailand. Some of the participants of correspondence not believe that the Minister is real, and others have criticized the communications Ministry for organizing lists of officials engaged in deep and “fuflyzhnaya … chat.”

“If it was not a divorce, why the foreign Ministry text message not sent? Why in a private office services no information? All the data they have, and they know that fuflyzhnaya … chat doing,” protested one of the participants in the correspondence. Sadaev answered that skepticism is understandable, but in “hard times require extraordinary decisions.”

The representative of the “public Services” said chat participants that register for the flight of “Aeroflot” on April 9, Phuket – Petersburg – Moscow, you should confirm your desire to fly. For this it was necessary to send to the chat room requests submitted through the “public Services”. To do is offered even to those who could find themselves in the automatically generated list.

Dozens of people sent in chat rooms not only filings, but the numbers of passports with the dates of birth, and now they are available to any user of Telegram. Chadaev said that register for the flight, only those who lives in Moscow, Petersburg, the Moscow and Leningrad regions. The rest promised to return home by other routes.

The plane for evacuation of Russians are already banned in Thailand, and from Phuket it starts back to Russia around 22:00 local time, said the chat the Consul General of Russia in Phuket Vladimir Sosnov. Chadaev said that only in the plane 220, fill it in the “queue”. “Who is the application number given – those included in the list is as complete 220 – process finished”, – wrote the Minister. In Phuket at that time was about midnight.

After that, it turned out that the flight is transferred for April 10 – because of the “incomplete list of passengers at the moment.” On the website of the Embassy in Thailand still is written about the flight on 9 April. Information about what after a stop in St. Petersburg, the plane will fly to Moscow is not there.

On the Aeroflot website stated that the flight SU0257 will fly from Thailand on April 10. Moreover, it is indicated that the plane will proceed to St. Petersburg and Moscow from destination are deleted. In spite of this, the administrators of the chat claimed that to get to the capital want to still can.