The exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and DNR and LNR, through December 2019

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The Ukrainian government and Pro-Russian representatives of the unrecognized republics of Donbass (DNR and LNR) signed the agreement on exchange of detainees. Under the agreement, Ukraine will return to 19 people, and in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions (ORDO) – 18 people, reports “RBC – Ukraine”.

The exchange of prisoners between the Ukrainian side and the so-called Luhansk people’s Republic will be held according to the “11 to 8”. This was stated by the representative of the LC in the humanitarian subgroup Olga Kobzeva. The LC also said that the exchange should take place no later than April 17.

“Negotiations on the exchange of detainees were successful. Agreed to exchange under the Protocol (the Contact group) of March 11, according to the formula “11 give, 8 take away”. Latest date of exchange – April 17, as the Ukrainian side will have time for the cleaning procedure (of persons subject to the exchange),” said Olga Kobzeva.

Earlier in DND stated that the exchange of prisoners will take place before Easter (April 19). With the DNR it will be held at the “10 by 8”.

The exchange of prisoners with the so-called “Republic of Donbass” confirmed in the Office of the President of Ukraine. This was decided during the negotiations of the contact group on the Donbas in a videoconference on April 8.