Despite the gradual easing of restrictive measures in Ukraine, local authorities do not hasten to relax and prepare for the worst, it is reported Диалог.UA.

So, yesterday in the Telegram-channel “h@@vy Kiev” has a video as the capital drives a huge truck with lots of coffins on Board. He got caught passengers of a car passing by: people “joking” that the graves, along with foodstuffs “became the main popular spring product”

At the moment it is not clear where exactly were the coffins and what kind of funeral service in Kiev ordered them. At the same time, the mayor of the capital Vitali Klitschko announced today the number of dead, diseased and recovered in Kiev.

The information he shared on his page in “Facebook” the official said that as of may 11, the city recorded 1 695 active cases, 37 people died, 138 were able to cure.

Previously, we reported that on 9 may the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky laid flowers to the monument to the Unknown soldier in Kiev, and then quickly left the capital. Also reporter Диалог.UA spent reporting from the city center and asked people about their attitudes to the 8 and 9 may.