Today in the river took place to protest “the Dnieper will resist”: the supporters of a unified Ukraine gathered near the cultural center MediaProstir. The video was on the page in “Facebook” the former people’s Deputy Andrey Denisenko, reports Диалог.UA.

People gathered near the center closer to 11 a.m., also at the place were police officers. The latter have secured the building perimeter and not let the activists. In turn, people began near the entrance to the center, flags and picked up the posters with the inscription “Dnepr will resist”.

Also at the event were former people’s deputies Andrey Denisenko and Andrei Levus, volunteer, participant of the Russian-Ukrainian war Myroslav Hai, a veteran of the war in the Donbass Oleg Chistopolov and so on. Miroslav guy said that similar action will soon be held throughout the territory of Ukraine, and Andrey Denisenko said that the building was illegally seized.

“The red cross society, from which hang the banners, “Volunteer headquarters for the fight against COVID-19” beyond the slogans “No surrender!”, appalled by such cynical moves on the part of regional authorities and the police. They deny the fact that the building will be the headquarters” – said Denisenko: it is confirmed by the press service of the company.

However, without provocation, has not done: activists heard insults from the ranks of the police. People have noticed an employee who wore a mask with a modified image of the former special forces of MIA of Ukraine “Berkut”. It is unknown whether yelled that he or another person: this employee is still removed from the protest.

As we reported earlier, in the river occurred the seizure of the building of cultural and community center MediaProstir. The police tore the banner “No surrender!”, and in their place hung the other with information that this building is currently the volunteer will be the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus.

Earlier, the mayor of the Dnieper Boris Filatov said that he will not hesitate to find out the relationship with the Central government, if only the city had the procedure during the quarantine.