Tomorrow in Ukraine will come to a sudden cold, which dramatically
bring down the temperature by 10-15 degrees. Meteorologists recommend to be prepared for
wet snow and Blizzard, according to Диалог.UA.

“Poland, Belarus, Baltic countries, Germany, which
will be in the area of the front is already short night, first surprised
winter picture outside the window. Adverse weather will increase storm gusts
the North-West wind. In the Northern regions of Ukraine, in the center, and secondly,
half of the day in the South, rain is expected. In the zone of the front will rattle sometimes
thunderstorms,” said forecaster Natalia Didenko.

According to her, all this week in Ukraine will be quite
fresh, and the rain may not end until may 14.

In ukrgidromettsentr also warn about unexpected
the may frosts, which will come may 13. So, to minus three degrees at night
promise in the Western regions. In the Northern and Central regions, except for
Dnipropetrovsk, frost on the ground 0-5 degrees.

By the way, sharp changes in the weather can also complicate
health. Anyone who complains about health problems these days is
to keep on hand proven medication and telephone the attending physician.

Earlier, forecasters warned that in may not
expect abnormal weather conditions. The last month of spring will be warm and
will bring long-awaited rain with possible hail.

Palpable warmth came to Ukraine on may 9-10, sometimes thermometers
showed up to 25 degrees.