Biden promises to recognize the Armenian genocide of 1915, if you become the President of the United States

KIEV. April 26. UNN. Joe Biden promises to recognize the Armenian genocide in 1915, if he becomes President of the United States. This is the former Vice-President wrote on his page on the social networking Medium, reports UNN citing “Voice of America”.

“If I am elected, I promise to support the resolution on the recognition of the Armenian genocide, and the universal issue of human rights will be a priority in my administration,” wrote Biden.

“If we don’t fully recognize, not honor, and will not teach our children about the genocide, the words “never again” will lose its meaning For future generations the facts should be so clear and strong they are for those whose memories are seared by this tragedy,” — said the presidential candidate of the Democratic party of the United States.

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On 24 April every year in Armenia celebrate Day of memory of victims of the Armenian genocide. On this day in 1915, the deportation of Armenian intellectuals from Constantinople. The Armenian genocide is a mass deportation and extermination of the Armenian population in the Ottoman Empire during the First world war.

Turkey rejects the term “genocide” in relation to the events of 1915, stating that in the Ottoman Empire was a fratricidal war all sides suffered heavy losses. Turkey has opened the Ottoman archives and invites historians to study them to develop an objective approach to the events of 100 years ago.

Barack Obama during the presidential campaign promised to recognize the Armenian genocide during the election campaign, however, never called the killings of Armenians as genocide.

Last year, the U.S. House of representatives and the Senate adopted a resolution recognizing the mass killings of Armenians as “genocide”, however, the White house distanced itself from the document. President trump called this page in history “one of the worst mass atrocities of the 20th century.”