On the eve of the Instagram account of the Deputy from “Servants of the people,” Alexander Dubinsky appeared scandalous post where he insulted filed in
the resignation of the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Yakov Smoliy.

A few hours later the post was deleted.

“Fuck** Smoliy in the**th dog’s mouth”, – the politician wrote under the photo in
Studio talk show channel “1+1”.

This morning Dubinsky said that he had received in court the right of such communication
with Smoliam: “And we have the court with Mr. Smolian about this statement,
and this I won the court, therefore, entitled by court order to use this expression
in relation Smoliy”.

Users of social networks criticized the MP for the abusive post, Recalling
what the MP should be correct in relation to opponents and respect
its users.

By the way, earlier Dubinsky clashed with the mayor of the Dnieper Boris Filatov. In this
conflict the MP also did not hesitate in expressions, triggering a violent reaction from
the city Chapter. Filatov promised “servant of the people” to arrange
“bad” show and demanded not to apply to the RRT.

In April 2020 Dubinsky gave a sharp criticism of his colleagues Nicholas
Tishchenko, who was accused of threatening Ukrainian blogger Lily bakirovoj, but Dubinsky was the victim of a prank the Joker.

Julia Bulyga