For infected COVID-19 will open their doors regional medical facilities.

The hospital of Ivano-Frankivsk “clogged” with patients diagnosed with coronavirus. Decided that the city’s medical facilities until they are accepting new patients. Received from COVID-19 are hospitalized in the regional infectious diseases hospital and in the regional pulmonary center.

The mayor of the city Ruslan Martsinko said “Facebook”.

Currently hospitalized patient is 281, of which 186 people in the Central city hospital and 95 people in the city hospital No 1.

The mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk said that the two city hospitals, the occupancy rate of patients is 89% and 79 %. To “unload” patients with the coronavirus while will accept only regional medical facilities. It is noteworthy that recently the field has tightened quarantine because of the high rate of infection COVID-19.

We will remind, as of Friday, July 3, Ukraine has 46 763 cases of coronavirus. Only for the last days was added 876 infected. Did not 27 patients. The highest daily increase of cases of coronavirus in the Lviv region 153. In Kiev -105. In the Transcarpathian region 80.

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Alena Doroshenko