Yesterday, 2 July, the Minister of Finance Sergey Marchenko on the background
the appreciation of the dollar due to the unexpected resignation of the head of the national Bank of the James
Smoliy said that he would like to see a higher rate. According to him,
this would help to more quickly fill the budget of Ukraine, as the course strongly affects the economy.

It is reported Диалог.UA with reference to the statement Marchenko in the air “Right to Vlad” in Youtube.

He stressed that the Ministry always looks forward to
a higher rate, as the revenues will automatically increase.

The Minister explained that the expectations in the budget was laid
much higher than it is currently.

While Marchenko agree with the thesis that a stable exchange rate –
it is beneficial to the country. And while he sees nothing critical in that course
a little below expectations.

Prior to this it was noted that the dollar in Ukraine in the first
week of July is unlikely to change, as there are no prerequisites for this there can be
can’t. Experts note that in late June, had paid the VAT or not.

We will remind, the senior analyst finkompany
Alpari Vadim Iosub assured that the currency market is not much
responded to the statement Smoliy resignation. According to him, the head of the national Bank all
have not left yet and the decision will be taken by the Verkhovna Rada.

Earlier it was reported, in the Office of President Vladimir
Zelensky assure that you never exert any pressure, including
the political, on the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Yakov Smoliy. Notes
he has already started looking for a replacement.

Vadim Golovko