In the Odessa region continue testing Ukrainian coast mobile missile complex “RK-360МЦ Neptune”. It is reported by the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine on his page on “Facebook”.

We have already talked about that last weekend the Ukrainian missile troops gathered to launch a missile on the firing range “AliBey” in the framework of testing the newest rocket complexes “Beech” and “Neptune”. In total have been issued two Maritime registry in the overlapping areas, the traditional test of “Alder” and “Neptune”.

According to the military, now this type of weapons being tested for effectiveness in conditions of electronic warfare: for a successful test was also attracted by the crews of combat aircrafts “SU-27”. The main goal of the experiment is to test the homing missiles to overcome interference: they can come in and jet aircraft.

Earlier, we reported that the Russian media showed the audience of the Russian Federation the action of the latest Ukrainian “LCD 360МЦ Neptune” and cruise anti-ship missile “R-360” and recalled that the missile can carry Kerch bridge to Crimea.

At the same time the firing of the missile took place in preparation for the state tests of high-precision missiles, which are soon to enter the armed forces and become a very formidable weapon that will not leave the occupants a chance. The test result was more than successful.