April 14, North Korea officially held rocket
testing, participation in which was to take the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. As
said the former official representative of the workers ‘ party of Korea Lee Jeong-Ho edition of the Dong-a Ilbo, during a flight test could occur unexpected crash.

With this he associates the absence of the leader of North Korea
in public. It is noted that his pictures were not published for about two weeks. Official
messages about the accident or any other incident was not.

Also Lee Jung-Ho explains that information about the treatment of Kim Jong
UN mount Making hardly meets reality, as the attending physician
the leader of North Korea is Pyongyang.

The version with the rocket is confirmed by the fact that Kim Jong UN is not
it was at a formal meeting regarding test reports. There is also no
no record of a missile launch site, though earlier all the time

Earlier it was reported that 31-year-old Kim yo-Jong, the younger sister of Kim Jong-UN, also known as his right hand, may be the new leader
The DPRK amid speculation about the possible death of North Korean ruler.

Recall that the influential American newspaper the
The Washington Post, citing sources in the DPRK reports about the strange change
movement of trains and the advent of helicopters over Pyongyang.

After that, the assistant to the leader of North Korea reported that Kim Jong-Eun alive and well: the leader of the DPRK since April 13 is in the area of Wonsan,
located on the Eastern shore of the Korean Peninsula.