Zozulya scored effective action in the match of Spanish Segunda

KIEV. July 3. UNN. Ukrainian forward Roman Zozulya has helped to avoid defeat FC Albacete in opposition to the 37 round of the Spanish Segunda against “Alcorcón”, the correspondent of UNN.

On the 9th minute the visitors opened the scoring efforts of Sandoz. In 57 minutes the figures were adjusted. Zozulya was assisted by Spanish midfielder Ogedi — 1:1.

The striker was replaced on 86 minutes. Another Ukrainian, who plays for the “Alcorcón” — Serhiy Miakushko, spent the entire match on the bench.

It is noteworthy that this is the second assist on two goals in the current campaign Segunda.

Add, Albacete scored 44 points and three points ahead of the relegation zone — 18th. “Alcorcon” of 52 points at the 7th level.