The state Department reported: the United States has provided Ukraine more than $ 17 million to combat the pandemic COVID-19

KIEV. July 3. UNN. The United States reported on the provision of financial assistance to Ukraine in the fight against the spread of the pandemic coronavirus infection. In particular, several tools were aimed at mitigating the effects of quarantine during an epidemic. It is reported by UNN citing the website of the US State Department.

“To meet the urgent needs of government departments and agencies of the U.S. coordinated efforts to set priorities of foreign assistance to maximize its potential impact,” the report said.

So, the United States reported providing assistance to Ukraine through the state Department and USAID by nearly $ 17.3 million. care in General, which in turn includes 13.1 million dollars. on public health and humanitarian assistance IDA (International development Association — ed). In the United States allocate these funds with the hope that it “will improve the ability of local health facilities to help patients and fight the spread COVID-19, while increasing public awareness about reducing the risks of infection.”

It is noted that these funds, according to the U.S. government, should mitigate secondary impacts, such as loss of livelihood and public services for vulnerable groups, including populations affected by armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

Separately added that the funds also include nearly $ 4.2 million. Million in humanitarian assistance to support the spread of the pandemic vulnerable social groups like refugees or conflict affected populations.

Recall, according to the latest Ministry of health in Ukraine recorded 45 887 cases of coronavirus disease COVID-19, of which 1185 — lethal.

Respiratory disease COVID-19, which causes infection of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, was first detected in China’s Hubei province, at the end of 2019. From the moment of infection with this virus have been recorded in 1.85 countries, including Ukraine. Since March 11, the world health organization recognized the spread of the disease — a pandemic.