Zelensky said that he wouldn’t change anything if I could go back to a year ago

KIEV. April 22. UNN. The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that if he had the opportunity to go back to a year ago – then nothing would have changed, because I am sure that it was the right choice. He said this in the movie “Year of the President Zelensky”, reports UNN.

“And there is a possibility to go back to a year ago? I would change something-no. I’m sure that was the right choice. I wanted to help the country, we knew that we have a war in the Donbas, but we didn’t know that we are waiting for the global economic crisis, the coronavirus, the Iranian tragedy. And much, every day there are challenges. So when you’re preparing a program, for example, our election program, when we the whole team: here, we want 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. And how many of us have it — we have it five years. And we in one year it will do! Now you see that there are conditions to which you are not ready”, — said Vladimir Zelensky.

He noted that he was not ready not only he, but also the society. The result is not immediately all turns out.

Recall, 21 April 2019 Vladimir Zelensky won the presidential election with the biggest result in the history of independent Ukraine.

Also recall that the President announced the holding of a press conference after the quarantine.