The next time this comet will only see 7 thousand years.

Zaporozhye photographer Alexander Pozdnyakov was caught on film flying over the Earth the comet Neowise.

Beautiful pictures the photographer posted on his page on “Facebook”.

“Comet C/2020 F3 (Neowise) in the night of Zaporizhia, the point – Baburka, street Voronezh (start of descent to Vomit) 22:24 11 July,” says Pozdnyakov.

Netizens are in awe of personnel.

“Prekrasne photo!! Not podelites secret about kotri caught molecu? Take want of I in it svoimi ochima paganotti,” writes one.

“Super!” – another added.

Comet NEOWISE revealed only this year. 27 Mar recognized the space infrared telescope. The five-kilometer comet is currently very far away from Earth, a distance of about 100 million miles the next time the comet will be close to the same distance to the Ground only after 6800 years.

Photographers from all over the world trying to capture Neowise to share unique shots.

We will remind, in July the inhabitants of the Earth will be able to watch a unique cosmic phenomenon. The naked eye can be seen alternately pass almost all the planets of the Solar system.

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Alena Doroshenko