Yesterday, July 13, Kharkov collapsed heavy rain: some streets were flooded.

Video of how the city was under the impact of the disaster appeared in the Telegram-channel “Kharkiv KHS”, reports Диалог.UA.

Due to heavy rain traffic in some areas and some streets were blocked many drivers and motorists are unable to get out of their cars and walk the streets. It came down to the fact that some of Kharkov were forced to swim in a literal sense: people crossed the street on inflatable mattresses.

At the same time the drainage holes of the city are unable to assume a huge amount of precipitation, resulting in the Central part of the city was under flooding. The downpour was so strong that the avenues Gagarin and Science, as well as the streets Pushkin and Shevchenko almost went under water, and near the Humpback bridge was washed away and the cobblestones washed in the mud.

Recall that a month ago on the Dnieper river just a few minutes collapsed six weeks of rainfall. After bad weather in the town damaged power lines, there were many fallen trees.

A few days ago, on July 12-13, the storm struck on the occupied Donetsk: a powerful storm accompanied by hail and sometimes lightning, trees falling on the road, and the streets turned into rivers.

Evgeny Ustimenko