After the death of the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Vyacheslav
Davydenko from the group “Confidence” in the team of oligarch Igor Kolomoisky went in
the offensive and want to force President Vladimir Zelensky to sit at the table
negotiations. Plan Kolomoisky in his telegram channel described the former Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko.

Group “Trust” is considered close to
aprobaron Andrey Verevskiy. And in recent days, Dubinsky has made a few
posts and reposts in social networks with the requirement to interrogate Verevskiy.

What’s going on? It Kolomoisky says hi
Verevskiy. The fact that Verevskiy, creating several months ago a group
“Trust” spoiled Kolomoisky game Golden share”
, – Leshchenko writes.

According to former Deputy Kolomoisky expected,
what will blackmail Zelensky, “jerking as Karabas-Barabas for
the strings of their puppets in the “Servant of the people” and group “maibutnje”.

The fact that the total is around 40-50 MPs: according to
plan oligarch Zelensky would not be enough votes and he would come to negotiate
it is to Kolomoisky.

“But Verevskiy, creating a group of “Trust”, which
supports most of the initiatives Zelensky, blocked this deficit of votes. And
Kolomoisky was not able to play its “Golden share”. Therefore, the purpose of Kolomoisky –
using public attacks to destroy the group “Trust” and knock out
Verevskiy, so as to deprive Zelensky one of the points of support in Parliament and that Zelensky Kolomoisky returned to the negotiating table”
, –
says a former Deputy.

Earlier we wrote that on the day the Deputy Goncharenko said in Parliament: “there Is a war between Zelensky and Kolomoisky on the inside of the “Servant of the people””.

Also Shabunin turned to “deputies Kolomoisky” in the Parliament after the news about the criminal case against the oligarch in the United States: “the FBI is already catching up”.