Despite the fact that Premier Denis Shmyhal has not been at its
the post more than three months, the Cabinet were rumors that the Minister of health
Maxim Stepanov wants to depose him. This officer has taken
the government staff of the Office of the President. It is reported Диалог.UA with
a link to the article “Ukrainian truth”.

According to sources, Stepanov recently
has become very media. Removing from the daily briefing of Viktor Lyashko, he replaced himself
it now flashes and daily news.

But he already managed to acquire several scandals in
The Ministry of health and it has been accused of unfair work.

So, government sources emphasize that Stepanov
too high up and looks down on all. However, many in the Cabinet
we are convinced that if he does not change his attitude to work, quickly

It is emphasized, in the Office of the President is also dissatisfied
Minister Stepanov, because at a meeting with the President, he argued
even with Zelensky and claimed that he does not understand anything.

Earlier it was reported that in the Verkhovna Rada faction
“The voice” gathers the voices for the resignation of the head of the Ministry of Maxim Stepanov. It is emphasized that he is accused of lying in relation to information about
protective suits for doctors.

According to the blogger Yuri Romanenko, the appointment of ex-President
Georgia’s Saakashvili on the position in the Cabinet could then lead
to the resignation of Smugala from office.

Prior to that, at a press meeting with journalists, President Vladimir
Zelensky said about the nomination for a second term. Emphasizes
that the guarantor is ready for further work and another election, if it is supported