One of the largest US trading networks Walmart announced that it is ready to turn 160 scattered throughout the country near the Parking lots of its supermarkets in contactless cinemas.

For the family that decides to spend the evening on a Parking lot, will be offered the popular films and meetings with kinasemediated – actors and Directors. Until October is expected to show 320 movies.

Walmart is one of the few companies that can probably afford it, since all she needed to do this already – and, above all, a lot of space. Also no trouble setting up the projector, screen installation and the necessary equipment for broadcasting over short distances, to relay the sound to the car radios. In addition, employees of the supermarkets will deliver snacks and beverages directly to the cars of the audience.

However, to convert the Parking spaces in cinemas, Walmart leadership will have to solve a number of organizational problems. In particular, it is not clear how to manage the Park, which at the same time will call the usual buyers and moviegoers. And how about the toilets for them? Whether it is portable toilets or moviegoers will have to use the toilets in the store?
Source — Walmart